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      About Ortholife

      Ortholife is the world's leading provider of orthopedic braces and supports which we have been dedicated to innovation and global expansion. We have the greatest social responsibility to take care of our patients with unlimited orthopedic solution. We have strongest research and development department constantly researching best materials and combination for the products and professionals who have medical and mechanical background can create products matching with ergonomics.

      Guided by our motto " Care for A Healthy Life", we create continual health care product lines from kid's stage to adult's age; from injury prevention to rehabilitation, and from sports players to ordinary patients. With the process of research, innovation, testing performance and quality control, we strive to meet the market's demands and the best orthopedic standards.

      Our products have been tested and approved by DNV for the certification of quality according to the international DIN ISO 13485 standard and also approved by CE and FDA.